Find out more about iDiversity Consulting customers and how we have worked together

iDiversity Consulting can provide a number of different services that can be utilised in a number of different ways.

We have our Coaching services, Marketing support, Diversity & Inclusion projects, Awareness Training, Workplace Needs Assessments & Hosting events and seminars.

OrCam’s mission is to harness the power of artificial vision by incorporating pioneering technology into a wearable platform which improves the lives of individuals who are blind, visually impaired, and have reading difficulties. To find out more about OrCam visit:

OrCam Optical Specialist

Dolphin Computer Access develops assistive technology for people who are visually impaired. We aim to improve accessibility for people who are blind or partially sighted. Dolphin software encourages independence and enables people to succeed in employment, education and at home. To find out more about Dolphin visit:

Dolphin Assistive Technology software Provider

Caption.Ed provides instant and on-demand captions for virtually all live or pre-recorded media. Our software is quick and easy to use. Simply press ‘Start Captioning’ before playing your media and your captions will automatically appear on your screen. To find out more about Caption.Ed visit:

Caption.Ed Captioning Software

TextHelp’s mission for the last 20 years has been to create technologies that can help people read, write and research with confidence.  Whether at school, college or work we want everyone to reach their full potential. To find out more about TextHelp visit:

Texthelp Company logo
TextHelpAssistive Technology Software Solutions

Claro Software develops Assistive Technology, software for people with disabilities such as print and reading difficulties like dyslexia, to help them achieve all they can. To find out more about Claro visit:

Claro Company logo
Claro Assistive Technology Software Solutions

LexAble is an assistive technology company that develops software focusing on dyslexia, mental health and neurodiversity. Global AutoCorrect and Global Tasks are used at many universities, schools and workplaces in the UK and throughout the English speaking world. To find out more about LexAble visit:

Lexable Company logo
LexAbleAssistive Technology Software Solutions

Present Pal is an accessible communication and presentation support app that helps you create easy to digest and accessible notes that guide you through your content. To find out more about Present Pal Visit:

PresentPal company logo
Present PalPresentation Support App

MatchWare is the global leader in professional mind mapping and enterprise meeting management solutions. Their programs are designed to provide customers with the tools necessary to better drive, measure and optimise productivity. To find out more about Matchware visit:

Mindview company logo
MatchwareMind mapping Software

Inspiration brings a visual thinking solution to tens of thousands of global users, to help in education, the workplace and personally. To find out more about Inspiration visit:

Inspiration Company logo
Inspiration Mind mapping software

Spellex is committed to being the world leader in spell checking, dictation, and assistive technology software solutions by delivering innovative products and providing world-class service to our customers. To find out more about Spellex visit:

SpellexAssistive Technology software Provider

Glean is the antidote to information overload for improved student success. Our inclusive learning technology empowers 100,000s of students with a proven note taking process. To find out more about Glean visit

Glean Company logo
Glean Note taking Solution

Ayoa is an all-in-one online whiteboard where you can brainstorm ideas, work together and get things done. Ayoa helps teams and individuals build a link between creativity and productivity by providing the tools they need to work and collaborate with ease. To find out more about AYOA visit:

AYOABrainstorming software Solution

Olympus is passionate about creating customer-driven solutions for the medical, life sciences and industrial equipment industries. For more than 100 years, Olympus has focused on making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling. To find out more about Olympus visit:

Olympus Company logo
Olympus Supplier

Associated Optical sought to provide eye-care professionals with innovative magnification devices to further enhance their patient care. To find out more about Associated Optical visit:

Associated Optical company logo
Associated OpticalOptical Specialists

Aventido is an international B2B marketing and PR agency that combines creativity, experience, insight and fresh ideas to deliver innovative and effective marketing, branding and PR in the Assistive Technology sector. To find out more about Aventido visit:

AventidoB2B Marketing & PR

FindMyFlow enables students to develop a customised learning path, based on their skills and needs, so whether used alone or in conjunction with one-to-one training, you can be secure in the knowledge you can recap, reinforce and develop your skills at any time along your academic journey. To find out more about FindMyFlow Visit:

FindMyFlowLearning Support Software

TextAid is literacy Support software for Struggling Readers. Speech-enables any text making it accessible to all. To find out more about TextAid visit:

TextAidText to Speech Software

Lightkey Enable an Intelligent Typing Experience that Seamlessly Blends In Any Content Creation Process. Turbocharge your typing using the world’s leading AI-powered writing assistant. To find out more about LightKey visit:

LightKey Assistive Typing software

Pro-Study is the essential, innovative research tool. Pro-Study effortlessly helps you collect, organise and reference your selected text in a single click. providing support throughout the whole research process, from gathering research into specific colour coded topics to exporting finished projects into full MS Word reports with the referencing completed. To find out more about Pro-Study visit:

Pro Study Study Support software