Workplace Needs Assessments

At iDiversity we can help you support your disabled employees effectively and with confidence through our Workplace Needs Assessment.  Working with the disabled employee, we create and deliver an individual report of recommended workplace adjustments to help them work productively, and ensuring your organisation meets the Equality Act’s legal requirements.

An iDiversity Workplace Needs Assessor will meet with your employee to gain an in-depth understanding of their strengths and challenges, their role and responsibilities, the equipment they work with, their disability and and their work.

The Assessor will then submit a written report making suggestions for adjustments to support the employee, with a detailed, specific explanation of how each adjustment may help.

Each report is comprehensive and individual and will look at all areas of a role, including environment, technology, working practices, and existing adjustments.

Suggestions for recommendations can vary from simple changes to working practices to assistive technology.

At iDiversity, our support doesn’t end there; once a Workplace Needs Assessment report has been provided our assessor will continue to be on hand to support and guide you with any adjustments you decide to implement.



Request a Workplace Needs Assessment

Complete the form and a specialist will contact your employee to understand their role, strengths and difficulties.