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About iDiversity

Founded in 2019, iDiversity Consulting has been created to deliver a much-needed set of services specialising in Diversity, Disability and Inclusion solutions to help individuals, and organisations, from education to business.

We help HR teams, Disability Professionals, D & I Leaders in organisations to deliver a range of solutions that, in a nutshell, help you support your people in an inclusive way.

We have extensive experience in supporting neurodiverse individuals and we want to help organisations promote their range of well-being initiatives to their teams and customers.  By being inclusive we can open up the conversation and encourage more people to be confident in accessing help.

Connecting people with the information, products and services that they need to help them achieve their aspirations. 

Disability solutions is at the heart of what we do and Iansyst Ltd, established for over 35 years, is part of our new iDiversity Consulting business.

Introducing, the Assistive Technology online shop from Iansyst Ltd

Visit to find a wealth of assistive technology software and devices to help individuals work and study independently.  These solutions have been designed to improve accessibility to digital information, enable productivity and to help disabled individuals with additional support.