Case Study: Good practice – Featured in the Talent and Technology Report 2021

Good Practice

At iansyst, an SME and Disability Confident Leader, inclusive practices are built into their processes,
not bolted on. If an individual is struggling with a disability or long term health condition that the
employer is not aware of, they are going to face additional challenges at work. At iansyst, they
strive to pro-actively change that by using a range of cost-effective workplace adjustments such as
assistive technology, flexible working, training, and support. They have found these types of tools to
be very beneficial as they can easily be adapted for the needs of each individual and the individual
themselves is part of defining the workplace solution that works for them. Importantly, all of these
elements work together and benefit everyone right across the business, contributing towards
creating an inclusive culture where everyone feels they can be their true selves at work.

One challenge for organisations is how to create a consistent process to implement workplace
adjustments for everyone, especially when resources and time are in short supply. Iansyst uses a
system called Clear Talents, which is an online portal that enables individuals to create their own
workplace profiles. They can use these profiles to request a range of workplace adjustments and
access well-being information and sign-posting to support services. The system has the work-flow
processes in place – a great help in ensuring that the support provided is underpinned with a
consistent way of measuring and evaluating what’s needed and what’s effective.

Janine King, CEO of iansyst (and Founder of iDiversity), explains,

I would encourage all SMEs to become Disability Confident as a key part of developing
an inclusive culture. At iansyst we have been operating disability friendly working practices
for many years now and it definitely makes a difference to the performance of the organisation.
It has helped us to attract disabled individuals with a range of talent and expertise
and we find that people stay with us for many years.

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