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iDiversity is dedicated to creating and sharing best practice to those around us through a range of events and initiatives. We host a range of different events including webinars, Live in person conferences, AT publisher events and more.

Innovate 2024

9th May 2024

Leonardo Royal Hotel Southampton Grand Harbour

This event will take place at the The Leonardo Royal Grand Harbour Hotel in Southampton on Thursday 9th May 2024.

There will be the main exhibition room and 3 different breakout rooms where the suppliers can demonstrate their software and hardware products to you. All the workshops are on one level and all accessible.

iDiversity are Co-Sponsoring this event.

Accessible Technology & Devices to Enable Inclusion

18th June 2024

Edinburgh Zoo

This free event is hosted by iDiversity Consulting Ltd and Iansyst Ltd as part of our commitment to share best practice in the use of assistive technology solutions to support neurodivergent and disabled young people and adults. This Scottish based and in-person event will include a range of CPD presentations to inform disability needs assessors and practitioners of the latest developments, together with a disability awareness presentation on hearing impairment. An exhibition area will be available for all delegates to have one-to-one conversations with the technology and service providers.

iDiversity Online Workplace Coaching Conference – 6th December 2023

Post conference banner

On the 6th December 2023 we launched the very first iDiversity online workplace coaching conference. The event was a great success jam packed with insightful sessions, featuring a diverse range of coaches who shared their expertise and knowledge on a broad spectrum of topics including:

  • Practices to Encourage and Build Sustainable Habits for Good
  • Coaching for Leaders to support Neurodiversity and enable Inclusion and Disability Confidence in the workplace.
  • Coaching Questioning Techniques to help clients explore their Options and Problem Solve.
  • Incorporating Clean Language into Coaching for Neurodivergent Clients.
  • Delivering Quality Workplace Needs Assessments

Attendees were also introduced to some new Assistive Technology from our headline sponsor Habitat Learn called Messenger Pigeon Pro. An exciting new app that has been created to transform captioning and note-taking for the workplace.

The group were able to connect with each other in breakout groups and interactive sessions which allowed everyone to share their thoughts inclusively. And we received some really positive feedback, here’s a glimpse of what attendees had to say:

“I really liked the variety, Sara’s session was really good and they all added a lot of value!”

“Great variety of topics and enjoyed the more interactive elements – breakout rooms and sessions where comments were encouraged as we went along”

“I thought the topics were all thought-provoking and it was good to discuss and debate with knowledgeable people”

“Interactive, a nice size, I felt engaged throughout”

We will be running the conference again next year so watch this space for more information coming your way in the New Year!

Previous Events

Find out a bit more about our previous events.

iDiversity Presents: Workplace Coaching Conference

6th December 2023

Virtual Event

The iDiversity Coaching Conference aims to share best practice for coaching in the workplace, particularly for neurodivergent clients, promoting inclusion and disability confidence.

Themes for the day include; Coaching Techniques, Emerging Trends in Coaching, Coaching Leaders to enable inclusive workplaces, Clean Language for Neurodivergent clients, together with an introduction to the latest captioning and notetaking Assistive Technology and delivering quality Workplace Disability Needs Assessments.

This conference will also feature a Keynote Presentation: Practices to Encourage and Build Sustainable Habits for Good.
Sara Milne-Rowe, Performance Coach & Author of ‘The SHED Approach – Making Better Choices When It Matters’. Founder/CEO of Coaching Impact Ltd.

Innovate 2023 Manchester

19th October 2023

Midland Hotel – Manchester

There will be the main exhibition room and 3 different breakout rooms where the suppliers can demonstrate their software and hardware products to you.

These events are suitable for Learning Support Staff, Assessors, Disability Advisors, AT specialists and other professionals working in roles to support FE and HE students and Access to Work areas also. It is open to everyone in the UK.

iDiversity Presents: Assistive Technology & Disability Solutions Event

6th September 2023

Clayton hotel Belfast

iDiversity Consulting will be bringing together the very best Assistive Technology publishers to showcase new and innovating projects that follow a theme of supporting students through collaboration, inclusivity and accessibility.

Exhibitors Attending

  • Habitat Learn (Headline Sponsor) – have recently launched their new captioning and note-taking solution ‘Messenger Pigeon’.
  • Iansyst – supporting Needs Assessors & providing complete AT solutions, ergonomic assessments, training & helpdesk support.
  • Texthelp – provides an extensive software range of literacy & reading support, advanced spelling and also math support solutions .
  • Spellex – comprehensive literacy support software, including enhanced vocabulary and dictionary options.
  • Jamworks – new accessibility suite of software for students consisting of Jamworks Notes and Jamworks Captions .
  • Booost Education – delivers apps for students to organise tasks, optimise time & has recently launched ‘Luna’ learning support.
  • Douglas Stewart – Distibutor of many products that assist with learning. From software such as Nuance Dragon, to hardware like the NEO lab smart pen.
  • Phonak – committed to developing, producing, and distributing life-changing hearing solutions for more than 75 years.
  • Book My Assesment – deliver the highest quality assessment services which enable disabled students to access the specialist equipment and support they need to fulfil their potential at university or college.
  • Carescribe – offer Caption.Ed for education solutions including accessible captioning, transcript options and advanced note-taking support.

iDiversity Presents: Dyslexia & Neurodiversity conference

14th March 2023 – 9.00am till 3.30pm Murray Edwards College Cambridge

iDiversity Consulting in partnership with Dyslexia Matters and Iansyst Ltd welcome you to attend an event to raise awareness of technology approaches to support dyslexia students in education.

Exhibitor Attending

Textaid (Headline Sponsor)
Scanning Pens

More information and to book your FREE ticket click

iDiversity Presents: Assistive Technology conference

1st December 2022 – 9.00am – 3.00pm The Tall Ship – Glasgow

iDiversity Consulting in partnership with Iansyst Ltd welcomes you to attend an event to raise awareness of the latest Assistive Technology solutions.

Exhibitors Attending

Jamworks – Headline sponsor
Present Pal

iDiversity Presents: Hands-On AT Training workshop Event

4th October 2022 – 9.00am till 3.15pm Discovery Point – Dundee, Scotland

Diversity Consulting in partnership with Iansyst Ltd invites you to attend a FREE Assistive Technology workshop event.

Exhibitor Attending
Douglas Stewart

Introduction to Assistive Technology webinar

29th September 2022 – 10.00am – Zoom

This free webinar, hosted by Neal Cameron of DSE Scotland Limited and presented by Rebecca Stearn of Iansyst Ltd, provides a basic introduction to assistive technology software.  Rebecca will consider some of the in-built accessibility options available in Microsoft Windows, proprietary software such as Dragon speech recognition as well as mind-mapping software.   There will be a Q&A session at the end of the session.

Webinar – Latest Assistive Technology for Students Featuring: Spellex & Booost

30th of March 2022 – 11.00am Via Zoom.

iDiversity Consulting is pleased to invite you to a free exclusive webinar for DSA Assessors who are looking to stay up to date with the latest Assistive Technology software developments.

This free webinar will feature a detailed product showcase from Spellex & Booost.

Assistive Technology Event at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh held on the 4th November 2021

iDiversity Consulting in partnership with iansyst brought together some of the best Assistive Technology publishers to showcase new and innovating projects that following a theme of supporting students through collaboration, inclusivity and accessibility. This event also featured a headline presentation from students at Edinburgh University talking about Autism and the effects it can have in education.

Given the success of our previous two Scotland events, we decided to run a large Assistive Technology Event to Needs Assessors and education staff at Murrayfield Rugby Stadium, set close to Edinburgh’s city centre.

Assistive Technology Event at the Clayton Hotel in Northern Ireland held on the 25th November 2021.

iDiversity Consulting, in partnership with Iansyst Ltd, set up an event to bring Assistive Technology publishers to Northern Ireland so they could showcase new and innovating projects that follow a theme of supporting students through collaboration, inclusivity and accessibility.

The event was held at the Clayton Hotel, close to Belfast’s city centre.

We had a headline presentation from Leah Russell, SpLD Specialist Educator, who spoke about accessibility of Needs Assessments reports & documents to assist dyslexic students.

This event was designed to give the delegates a chance to see the latest AT developments and meet with the suppliers in person. We also worked with Online Ergonomics giving them the chance to demonstrate a range of ergonomic solutions to the delegates.

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