6th September 2023

Clayton hotel Belfast

iDiversity Consulting will be bringing together the very best Assistive Technology publishers to showcase new and innovating projects that follow a theme of supporting students through collaboration, inclusivity and accessibility.

Exhibitors Attending

  • Habitat Learn (Headline Sponsor) – have recently launched their new captioning and note-taking solution ‘Messenger Pigeon’.
  • Iansyst – supporting Needs Assessors & providing complete AT solutions, ergonomic assessments, training & helpdesk support.
  • Texthelp – provides an extensive software range of literacy & reading support, advanced spelling and also math support solutions .
  • Spellex – comprehensive literacy support software, including enhanced vocabulary and dictionary options.
  • Jamworks – new accessibility suite of software for students consisting of Jamworks Notes and Jamworks Captions .
  • Booost Education – delivers apps for students to organise tasks, optimise time & has recently launched ‘Luna’ learning support.
  • Douglas Stewart – Distibutor of many products that assist with learning. From software such as Nuance Dragon, to hardware like the NEO lab smart pen.
  • Phonak – committed to developing, producing, and distributing life-changing hearing solutions for more than 75 years.
  • Book My Assesment – deliver the highest quality assessment services which enable disabled students to access the specialist equipment and support they need to fulfil their potential at university or college.
  • Carescribe – offer Caption.Ed for education solutions including accessible captioning, transcript options and advanced note-taking support.