Wellbeing Support Package


This package has been put together to support employers throughout the current COVID period, where Diversity and Inclusion are more important than ever, along with effective Stress management and wellbeing advice for those either still in the office or now working remotely. Let us help you to take care of your team and keep them engaged with the tools and strategies in place to ensure they continue to be a valuable addition to your company.

We can also create a wellbeing plan of training and technology that meets your specific requirements.
If you have any further questions on this or would like to book this package please feel free to contact us HERE

This package includes:

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Stress Awareness & Management Training

Our Stress Awareness Training course will help you to implement stress management techniques within your organisation. It will look at the causes and the physical and cognitive changes our bodies go through when stressed, opening up the conversation surrounding stress in the workplace. The training will help staff to recognise the signs of when they are beginning to feel overwhelmed, and equip you with the tools to provide support to your staff.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

We can train people at all levels within an organisation, from members of the HR team and management right through to your front line staff and can adapt our sessions to work alongside your company policies to prove as effective as possible.

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Well-being and Inclusion in the Workplace Training

This training course will offer a practical guide to creating essential wellbeing practices in your workplace, providing clear support processes for management and employees. Using these steps, your organisation will reap the benefits of highly engaged, inspired staff that are healthier and happier, thus lowering staff turnover and better productivity within your organisation. This course will also provide advice on dealing with the mental challenges of Covid 19, and what your organisation can do to support its employees.