Assessments and Advice from iDiversity

We are experienced in conducting a range of individual needs assessments and organisational workplace adjustments.  Our assessments are tailored to the needs of the individual and include a report of recommendations.   To help everyone when working from home and remotely, we are creating new online assessment and booking portals to give our customers access to the information they need. 

For organisations, we can help to deliver projects that support your diversity and inclusion aims.  Perhaps you would like to put in place a new process to help more disabled individuals at work, or to more actively engage with a group of people, and you would like advice and support to help get this under-way?  We would be pleased to help you. 

What can we offer?

Workplace Needs Assessments

Our experienced accessibility specialists will recommend adjustments by completing a Workplace Needs Assessment as the first step.

The specialist will contact your employee to understand their role, strengths and difficulties.
At this stage a written report making suggestions for adjustments to benefit the employee will be provided.

Currently working from home?

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Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomics is a form of assistive technology which simply means the study of people and their working conditions. It is the broad term used for designing objects to correct posture or adapt to the shape of the human body.

Ergonomic products can help correct poor posture and can cover anything from an alternative mouse device to an ergonomic chair. They can also support individuals with a disability who need a different way of working. For example, a height adjustable desk is designed to support individuals with injuries and those who experience pain whilst working.

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