talent and technology report building bridges to employment for disabled people

Policy Connect Talent & Technology Report

A new report published by Policy Connect calls for the government to take action to support assistive technology and inclusive practices to improve digital access that works for all. The Talent and Technology Report shines light on the role of digital technology and building bridges to employment for disabled people.

The inquiry, conducted by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Assistive Technology (whose secretariat is provided by Policy Connect) ) and Co-Chaired by Lilian Greenwood MP and Lord Shinkwin, gathered evidence provided from a variety of stakeholders including disabled people, disability employment specialists, inclusive education professionals, and assistive technology providers. This report had also been made possible by the co-sponsors; The Ian Karten Charitable Trust and the City Bridge Trust.

Janine King, founder of iDiversity Consulting, contributed to the report evidence as part of the Steering Group and also provided a case study from the work conducted at Iansyst Ltd. At iDiversity, we would like to raise awareness of the report findings and have featured the report for you to read either via the table of contents below or download the full PDF report via the link.

The report recognises the enormous potential of assistive technology to ensure access to work for disabled people and also outlines the issues to be improved; the evidence heard difficult stories of disabled people unable to look for and obtain work, due to inaccessible technologies, poor digital practices by organisations, and a lack of skills.

The pandemic has also changed how and where we work, and thereby shone an even brighter light on existing digital inequalities. Urgent action is required to ensure the future world of work is accessible to all.

Policy Connect Talent and Technology Report Table of Content

Forward By Co-Chairs

Key Finding & Recommendations

1: Introduction

2: At and digital skills: from education to employment

3: Unemployed disabled people and access to AT

4: Employers and digital inclusion

5: AT and access to work

6: Methodology and contributors

About this report

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