In 2021 we launched our new iDiversity Poster Project.  We want to encourage diversity and inclusion for all and our idea is to use a creative approach in the form of a series of posters.

We are also interested in supporting the Arts & Culture sector and for this project we have collaborated with a creative poster designer, Martin Thake of Deltanova to develop the first series of abstract and innovative posters.

These posters have been designed to make a statement whether that is in the workplace, at home, or any public place and to add as a prompt to encourage more thought and debate.  Our aim is that the iDiversity posters reflect our values and will open up discussion and debate on the key themes of inclusion and change for good.

The iDiversity posters aim to be a colourful way to brighten up any space and grab the attention of whoever enters the room. To purchase a poster you can visit the iDiversity Shop.


Promote diversity poster