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Many people find using a standard mouse uncomfortable. This is caused by the design of a standard mouse causing the arm to twist slightly so that the palm faces downwards. The Evoluent mouse takes the functionality of a standard mouse, whilst redesigning its positioning completely to ensure that it is as comfortable as it can possibly be. In order to do this the Evoluent mouse is held in a ‘handshake grip’.

This means that the bones of the forearm do not need to twist, and the hand can rest in its natural position on the desk. Not only is this more comfortable to use, it also allows for more precise movements to be made, giving you more control of the cursor on the screen.

The bottom of the mouse also has a raised lip, meaning that as the mouse moves, the user’s hand doesn’t drag rub against the table, as is common with standard mice. The mouse features six individual buttons. Each of these can be customised so that frequent windows or applications can be opened or closed without needing to use any keyboard shortcuts.

This in turn reduces the amount of movement needed when using the mouse, giving the arm more chance to rest. In addition to this the sensor sensitivity can be adjusted, allowing the user to make sure that the cursor always moves at the right speed for them.

The left wired edition has been designed specifically for left handed users, ensuring that it can be gripped in the most comfortable way possible, and that all of the buttons are positioned for use with your left hand.

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