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Software (Perpetual, digital) works with IPEVO document camera, fast scanning, the advanced OCR (optical character recognition) technology from ABBYY, it turns scanned documents into text in over 200 languages. [Digital Code]

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OPEVO SnapCature OCR is a powerful and user friendly software that provides great convenience for scanning and archiving. When used in combination with IPEVO’s document camera and scanning board, the SnaCapture OCE software allows users to easily and quickly set up scanning station and efficiently digitise document.


IPEVO Document Scanner finds wide applications in various industries, including enterprises, finance, services, educational institutions, professionals, and students. Compared to the typical shared multifunction printers (MFPs) in office environments, using IPEVO Document Scanner offers benefits such as maintaining document privacy, reducing the risk of confidential leaks,
high portability, and cost-effective deployment. It also provides users with greater flexibility and advantages over traditional scanners.
IPEVO provides several commonly used document source modes and enhances them with powerful and convenient AI functions. This allows for the creation of pre-optimized scanned images in different scenarios, greatly improving the speed and convenience of scanning operations.
Unlike when using traditional document scanners, users can capture images of 3D objects, incorporating meaningful images into digital documents.
Includes useful tools, such as AI edge correction, automatic cropping, and background removal.
When scanning books, the AI functions allow you to merge pages, scan pages sequentially, remove scanned fingers, adjust page curvature, and more.
Supports simultaneous scanning of multiple cards, single-sided or double-sided, and watermark addition.
The integrated OCR from ABBYY delivers an ultra-high recognition rate and
supports over 200 languages, providing an exceptional level of accuracy.
This ensures a superior recognition rate for scanned documents, allowing
for efficient and reliable text extraction.
IPEVO’s SnapCapture OCR software offers a robust solution for editing and enhancing scanned images.
It empowers users to minimize the need for re-scanning and avoid work disruptions that may arise from using external
editing software.