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LightKey – Intelligent text prediction software for the workplace and students alike!


LightKey – NEW Intelligent text prediction software for the workplace and students alike!

Lightkey is the latest advancement in intelligent text prediction, supporting students and employees with SpLDs, anxiety, depression, and physical conditions.

It is intuitive to use, and its inbuilt AI-powered spelling correction technology learns from the user, meaning it can offer intelligent word corrections and predictions. Not only that; it is also able to predict commonly typed phrases.

To enhance relevant predictions, users choose their preferred prediction categories. Choosing from the included 60 categories (including Technology, Law, Medical & Health) helps Lightkey’s algorithm in better understanding the user’s are of interest and therefore speed up its learning curve of the user.

They can also select additional Language options from the 84 on offer.

Lightkey supports users that struggle with spelling and those that struggle with the time and physical requirements it takes to produce written work. The user is always in control, and they make an active decision whether to use the predicted word rather than having it changed for them.

Latest version: 28.13 updates
– Open Lightkey Control Panel
– Click ‘Licence’
– Click ‘About’ – here is where it will tell you what version you are operating on
– Click ‘Check for Updates’ and follow the instructions where prompted

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