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The Olympus VP-10 voice recorder features omni-directional stereo microphones to reliably capture sound from all directions.

The new Olympus VP-10 gives a new dimension to digital business recording. Although discreet in design, this advanced audio recorder tool offers high-quality stereo recording and a host of convenient features for instant operation and clear recordings.

With an anti-rustle filter to detect the differences between a voice and a rustling sound enables a clear recording even when the digital recorder is being carried in your shirt pocket.

The record button is a simple slide at the top of pen type recorder which can be instantly switched on even when the power is off so you never miss a conversation.

The VP-10 menu is easy to navigate through and the Olympus digital voice recorder can be instantly slotted into a PC for data transfer via the built-in USB connector.


Select from three recording formats: the high-quality unsuppressed Linear PCM format (22.05kHz); the most versatile MP3 format, which is used by both Windows and Mac users; or the WMA format, which has good sound quality even at a lower bit rate.

The Low-cut Filter efficiently eliminates lower-frequency noise such as air conditioners, projectors and outdoor wind to allow for even clearer voice recordings.

The Voice Balancer feature makes softer voices louder while keeping louder voices below a given level, ensuring that playback is clear and consistent. It simultaneously eliminates the low and high frequency ranges of a recording to enhance the speaker’s voice even further.

When you have many files stored in the digital voice recorder, this function lets you easily and conveniently select the precise file you’re looking for. Access to this function is fast, reducing delays caused by long searches.

At a simple selection from the menu, you can choose optimum recording settings according to specific scenes. Pocket Mode is effective for recording a wide range of voices when the device is in your pocket. With Dictation, Conference or Meeting modes, you can easily capture fail-proof, high-quality recordings.

The File Divide function is useful when you want to manage your recordings in a separate file. It is also handy if you would like to downsize the file before sending it via e-mail. (Only with Linear PCM and MP3 format files.)

Speech Shadowing is an effective way to learn a foreign language – allowing you to repeat what you hear right after hearing it. This mode combines audio playback with silent playback in succession to help you easily learn any language.

Ideal for recording meetings, the Noise Cancel function powerfully reduces unwanted ambient sounds for crisper, clearer playback quality.

Make playback easier by setting up the recorder to pre-set playback scenarios: With the Transcription Mode function, you can transcribe your recordings far more efficiently, enabling you to save time. The new Language Study Mode is helpful when learning a foreign language.


Internal memory: 4GB

Files per folder: 999

Weight: 37.5g

OS: Windows – Vista or later, Mac OS X 10.5 or later




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