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Pro-Study is the leading software for taking the stress out of collecting, organising and referencing research for your assignments

Pro-Study is the leading software for taking the stress out of collecting, organising and referencing research for your assignments

  • Pro-Study is your centralised dedicated research database, allowing you to categorise information
  • Enhance your productivity and organisation, build a library with links back to the original sources
  • Store research on your computer, in our members area or to your own cloud storage
  • Quickly capture information from Web pages, Text books, Word documents or PDF articles
  • Export your collected research with references straight to Microsoft Word
  • Effortlessly manage, organise and work on multiple projects within your Pro-Study database

Supporting your Study Strategies

  • Organisation and Time Management

    Pro-Study helps you organise your research and reading into a simple format, assisting you to begin to structure your assignments or revision into specific topic areas. Rather than just bookmarking whole webpages, it allows you to highlight specific text and add to one of your pre-made categories within a project, saving you time that would otherwise be spent trying to find specific quotes.

  • Accessible Project Management

    Having all of your research is in one place makes it easy to switch between projects when you have multiple assignments on the go. As you go along you can edit projects or categories and colour code into specific themes and topics. It’s accessible design and additional features make it adaptable and easy to use for a wide range of users with individual learning styles. Using the keyword search function allows you to quickly search though a centralised database to revisit previous projects and your all-important sources, allowing you to keep track of your research over time.

  • Exporting your Research

    Once you have collected all of your required research, you can export straight into Microsoft Word. The exported document will be a full report containing all of your research and references as well as a Contents Page, Titles and Headers and Footers. You can choose to either export a whole project or individual categories from the software’s database. This also allows you to use previous research from other projects in new assignments. If you have separate Mindmapping software, you can easily export your research into a Mindmap to further structure your research and get on with writing your assignment.

  • Effective Referencing

    Pro-Study is the primary software for supporting you all the way through your assignment process, from your initial reading right through to referencing. It stores all of the referencing information from your sources and exports this to create a bibliography, taking the stress out of referencing. Within the export option menu, you can edit the format of the referencing to suit your University’s individual style.