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At iDiversity, we understand the importance of supporting employees in the workplace and the positive impact that support can have. We provide a free of charge assessment service where our UK-wide force of qualified and experienced assessors can deliver a range of assessments to meet the ergonomic and technical needs of employees.

We assess employees with disabilities and medical conditions to provide the help and support needed whilst working at their workstation to identify ergonomic solutions such as chairs, desks, mice and keyboards, to help support them and to prevent further injury.
Our technical assessments support employees with hearing and visual impairments. We will identify suitable assistive technologies to help overcome barriers, such as digital microphone systems and magnification products. When coupled with our training, this will ensure the best possible experience throughout the employees vocation.

Fill out the below form for yourself, or one of your employees and we’ll be happy to schedule in a remote assessment as soon as possible!

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