On the 6th December 2023 iDiversity launched their very first online workplace coaching conference. The event was a great success jam packed with insightful sessions, featuring a diverse range of coaches who shared their expertise and knowledge on a broad spectrum of topics including:

  • Practices to Encourage and Build Sustainable Habits for Good
  • Coaching for Leaders to support Neurodiversity and enable Inclusion and Disability Confidence in the workplace.
  • Coaching Questioning Techniques to help clients explore their Options and Problem Solve.
  • Incorporating Clean Language into Coaching for Neurodivergent Clients.
  • Delivering Quality Workplace Needs Assessments

Attendees were also introduced to some new Assistive Technology from our headline sponsor Habitat Learn called Messenger Pigeon Pro. An exciting new app that has been created to transform captioning and note-taking for the workplace.

The group were able to connect with each other in breakout groups and interactive sessions which allowed everyone to share their thoughts inclusively. And we received some really positive feedback, here’s a glimpse of what attendees had to say:

“I really liked the variety, Sara’s session was really good and they all added a lot of value!”

“Great variety of topics and enjoyed the more interactive elements – breakout rooms and sessions where comments were encouraged as we went along”

“I thought the topics were all thought-provoking and it was good to discuss and debate with knowledgeable people”

“Interactive, a nice size, I felt engaged throughout”

We will be running the conference again next year so watch this space for more information coming your way in the New Year!