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About this Event

iDiversity Consulting will be bringing together the very best Assistive Technology publishers to showcase new and innovating projects that follow a theme of supporting students through collaboration, inclusivity and accessibility.

Given the success of our previous two Scotland events, we have decided to run this large Assistive Technology Event to Needs Assessors and Education staff at Murrayfield Rugby Stadium, set close to Edinburgh’s city centre. This event will hosted in a number of different suites at Murrayfield to offer extended exhibition space as well as seminar & workshop opportunities.

This free to attend Event will be the time to experience new services and products as well as hearing informative talks, seminars and workshops.

The Venue

This prestigious venue offers us a great amount of space, allowing us to accommodate up to 10 exhibitors whilst maintaining social distancing standards. This event will hosted in a number of different suites at Murrayfield to offer extended exhibition space as well as seminar & workshop opportunities.

Murrayfield offers onsite parking, tram connections, easy access to the train station and is only a 20 minute drive from Edinburgh airport.

Event Agenda

9:00am – Event opens – Tea & Coffee

9:30am – Introduction from Janine King, iDiversity Consulting

9:40am – Glean Presentation

10:00am – TextAid Presentation

People who need assistance with reading, understanding, annotating and storing documents would benefit from taking a look at TextAid. It works online so you can access all the tools from any device. Join Mary at Aventido to watch a demo.

10:20am – Headline presentation from Edinburgh University (Autism Presentation)

10:50am – Break – Tea & Coffee

11:10am – Dolphin Presentation

11:30am – TextHelp Presentation

11:50am – Caption.Ed Presentation

12:10pm – Lunch [Sponsored by Iansyst] – Exhibition Area

1:00pm – LightKey Presentation

Focus On Your Ideas, Forget About Typos. Lightkey’s AI-Powered spelling correction technology offers real-time suggestions for misspelled words. In addition to its built-in vocabularies, Lightkey will learn and offer spelling corrections based on your unique vocabulary.

1:20pm – Spellex Presentation

1:40pm – Lexable Presentation

2:00pm – Inspiration Presentation

2:20pm – Tea and Coffee – Exhibition Area

2:40pm – Claro Software Presentation

3:00pm – FindMyFlow Presentation

FindMyFlow; empowering students to build effective study habits using Assistive Technology and Study Skills. FindMyFlow takes a unique approach to engagement by focusing on the Student themselves. Rather than concentrate on a specific piece of AT and its functionality, we contextualise the AT by asking “What do you want to achieve, and what tools do you have at your disposal?”

3:20pm – Ayoa Presentation

3:40pm – Pro-Study Presentation

With blended learning set to become the new norm. Pro-Study and the newly released companion app Pro-Study Assist, collecting and organising study material has never been more accessible. Even for group work! Join Sam for a 20 minute demo showcasing this invaluable research tool.

4:00pm – Iansyst Ltd – Specialist Assessment Services

4:20pm – End of event


We are pleased to announce that TextAid are
the Headline Sponsor for our Edinburgh event. 

TextAid is an intuitive piece of software designed to help with reading & writing for those with dyslexia and other special needs tools. This tool is focused on addressing problems with reading, writing, spelling and general literacy support. This software is designed for users of all ages making it suitable for school, college & university as well as in the workplace and home working. 

TextAid Read and Write is a simple and easy-to-use floating toolbar that provides speech feedback, phonetic spell checking and many other literacy support tools to help with reading and writing. 

Iansyst Ergonomic Assessment Service

Specialist Assessments from Iansyst

Iansyst Ltd will be delivering a presentation at this event to present their new range of Specialist Assessments, which are offered as a free service to DSA Needs Assessors – providing in-depth needs analysis for those who require specialist Ergonomic, Visual or Hearing Impairment solutions. Find out more about this service here.

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